The Wood Foundation


In 2013, The Wood Foundation pledged its support to the Appeal for projects in the North East.

Established by Sir Ian Wood and his immediate family in September 2007, the The Wood Foundation is a Scottish based Trust with a Global outlook, investing in economic, community and enterprise initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa and the UK.

Sir Ian Wood, Chairman of The Wood Foundation said:

"I believe that every one of us has a responsibility to commit some time, skills, knowledge and money, as each can afford, to help our communities. The Wood Foundation has a focus on supporting young people in Scotland to become successful, responsible and tolerant citizens. Supporting the STV Appeal extends our focus to child poverty in Scotland. This Appeal is particularly effective as, in addition to alleviating child poverty, it assists in research to identify the causes, challenge the perceptions, and aims to reduce the child poverty level."

Sir Ian has also joined the STV Children's Appeal Board of Trustees. Click here for more information about The Wood Foundation.