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Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms supports STV Children's Appeal.

In 2019 Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms are again the official sponsor of the Big Scottish Breakfast, an annual STV Children's Appeal fundraising event supporting children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland.

The Big Scottish Breakfast being held on Friday 6th September, with schools, businesses and sports teams across the country getting together for fun breakfast events to raised money for Scotland’s children.

Sean Batty said: "I've had a brilliant time supporting the Big Scottish Breakfast over the last few years and I'm really excited to help launch the 2019 campaign alongside Gary MacLean.

"This year we're determined to go bigger and better than ever, and I’d love to see schools, businesses and groups right across the country join in with their own Big Scottish Breakfast to raise money for Scotland's children.

"We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so please help the STV Children's Appeal ensure that children in Scotland get a good start to the day and the best start in life."

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Walter Toward, co-owner of Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, said: “The Big Scottish Breakfast is a fantastic campaign by the STV Children's Appeal and we are so proud to be on board as sponsor for the second year running. I hope businesses across Scotland will join us in supporting Scotland's children with their very own Big Scottish Breakfast events on 6th September.