Gorbals Project Awarded £2,000 From STV Children's Appeal

Picture shows (L-R): Catriona Milligan, Roz Adams and Tricia McConologue from Bridging the Gap with Dawn Gatensby and Malgorzata Lagiewka from BaxterStorey.
Picture shows (L-R): Catriona Milligan, Roz Adams and Tricia McConologue from Bridging the Gap with Dawn Gatensby and Malgorzata Lagiewka from BaxterStorey.

12 February 2019

Gorbals community project Bridging the Gap has received £2,000 from the STV Children’s Appeal to support its work with children and young people in the community.

The local project works with pre-school aged children and their families, offering arts and crafts, music and other activities that enhance children's development and strengthen the bond between children and their parents or carers.

Bridging the Gap also works with young people to enable the transition between primary and secondary school, and runs a unique programme which allows S4 pupils to act as positive role models and mentors to those in Primary 7.

Tricia McConalogue, Director of Bridging the Gap, said: "On behalf of Bridging the Gap, I would like to thank STV Children's Appeal for not only their continued financial support but for all the practical support they have given to staff over the last few years."

Representatives from BaxterStorey, one of the supporters of the STV’s Children’s Appeal, visited the project to meet some of the staff who will benefit from the funding.

Dawn Gatensby from BaxterStorey said: “Bridging the Gap does incredible work, not only opening the community to everyone but bridging the gap of prejudices. We heard some difficult stories during our visit but seeing first-hand how the project helps is uplifting, and proves that diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything done by staff, volunteers and families.”

In eight years the STV Children's Appeal has raised over £19 million, with 1102 grants awarded to projects across all 32 local authority areas in Scotland - providing much needed support to over 79,000 children and young people. The money raised is distributed to provide practical help like food and warm clothes, create opportunities for training and employability, and enable social and emotional support for those who need it most.

Baroness Margaret Ford, chair of the board of trustees for STV Children's Appeal, said: "Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts taking place across the country in 2018, the STV Children's Appeal is once again able to support projects that do hugely important work to help vulnerable children and young people across Scotland. A special thanks to everyone who has generously given their time and effort to raise funds over the past year - you are helping to make a real difference to the lives of Scotland's children."

Sir Tom Hunter, trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal, said: ““Change comes from individuals, communities and charities with the commitment and drive to make a difference to those most in need. We at the STV Children’s Appeal are delighted to support Bridging the Gap and want to reiterate our thanks to those who raised funds – every penny you raise goes straight to charities like these to make a real difference.”

Sir Ian Wood is a trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal. The Wood Foundation has supported the Appeal for six years, providing £900,000 to support projects and initiatives, which include a number across the North-east, addressing the causes and consequences of childhood poverty. He said:

“Childhood poverty is a deeply troubling reality impacting negatively upon the lives of tens of thousands of families across Scotland. Projects supported by the STV Children’s Appeal are making an incredible difference in tackling the root causes and alleviating the impact of childhood poverty while improving the life chances and experiences of young people who need support the most. The Appeal, which is generously supported by the public year after year, is one The Wood Foundation is proud to partner in delivering vital work for our young people.”

If you would like to help raise funds for Scotland’s children – as a group or an individual - please get in touch with Mari Slavin at mari.slavin@stv.tv.