Autism Project In Lanarkshire Receives £2,000 From STV Children's Appeal

STV Children's Appeal

23 February 2018

HOPE for Autism in Airdrie has received £2,000 from the STV Children’s Appeal, boosting financial support for the local service.

The project support children and young adults affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by offering training, guidance and therapy to help grow confidence and independence.

The project also supports siblings and other family members to build understanding of an autistic child’s world, in order to encourage acceptance and integration.

The grant from the STV Children’s Appeal will help fund a weekend trip for the project's siblings group, as well as family trips and outings around Easter.

Eileen Waugh, CEO at HOPE for Autism, said: “We were extremely delighted to find out we were to receive this funding for HOPE for Autism. HOPE depends greatly on funding grants to be able to operate and to provide activities for our families, such as trips and outings and fund days. This has come at just the right time to support two events we are planning. Many thanks to STV Children's Appeal for this grant and for recognising the good work that takes place at HOPE for Autism."

Since launching in 2011, the STV Children's Appeal has raised £16.3 million, with 964 big and small grants awarded to projects across all 32 local authority areas in Scotland, providing much needed support to over 67,000 children. The money raised is distributed to provide practical help like food and warm clothes, create opportunities for training and employability, and enable social and emotional support for those who need it most.

Baroness Margaret Ford, chair of the board of trustees for STV Children's Appeal, said: “The STV Children’s Appeal was established to help improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and young people across Scotland. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has fundraised and donated to this important cause – a special thanks for your ongoing support. All proceeds remain in Scotland which means we can support vital projects such as HOPE for Autism in our efforts to improve the lives of children across the country.”

Sir Tom Hunter, trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal, said: “Driving positive change is down to individuals, communities and charities who can make the world of difference to those young people most in need. Sincerely I thank everyone who has raised money for the STV Children’s Appeal and can again confirm to every last one of you that every pound is being invested in charities like HOPE for Autism to the benefit of Scotland’s young people. You raise a pound, we give a pound; you make a difference, we support that difference.”

Sir Ian Wood, trustee of the STV Children’s Appeal, said: "With over 200,000 children and young people in Scotland now affected by child poverty, it remains deeply troubling that so many lives across our country are impacted and life choices affected. Without the continued support of the public the significant work carried out by the STV Children’s Appeal in providing support, help and opportunities for those who most need could not happen. We all must play our part, no matter how large or small, in reducing these shocking statistics and enabling families to take back some control of their situation."

If you would like to help raise funds for Scotland’s children – as a group or an individual - please get in touch with Natalie Wright at